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Sign into, click “My Profile” on the top-right, then “My Webcams”.Click edit next to it and scroll down to the bottom. If you still experience the problem, try contacting the Web site administrator.-= VIDEO =- Here is an archive of the old cam site from the wayback machine.Running using Octo Pi, using Octoprint 0.14 with latest 1.3.4, on a Raspberry Pi Zero W.Have a Logitech (04bd:08c1) Quickcam Fusion camera, an old 1.3MP camera, interfaced to the PI, and that is streaming no problem. I had a HUGE crash, that even rendered my backups useless (my fault there). (yea don't bother it's a gonner) Here is a video I took of the sign in its prime..I will be doing something in the future, but the LED SIGN CAM is no more. Getting hammered one night message after message, some "R"-RATED posts so be warned!

I have recently updated OS X to Yosemite and it was going fine for a month or two but now my Photo Booth ...To sign documents in the future, just click the Place Signature button again to sign with your scanned signature.The Mac version of Reader doesn’t currently support scanning your signature with a webcam, but the built-in Preview app, found in your Applications folder, does.I have tried adding "-rot 180" into the txt file, and it did nothing.I have a feeling this may only be relevant to the Pi Cameras. But the settings in the server page itself do work correctly, its just the streaming URL doesn't utilise them. Is there a way around it, so I can pass on a URL to a friend, and the camera is the correct way up for them?

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On my mac, I can use software like Cam Twist and Sound Siphon to create 'fake' webcam and microphone inputs.

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