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There are minigames; however, instead of inserting them into the actual gameplay, (like say the way Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side does), the games are just tacked into the options/menu screen like an after thought, and they are not terribly interesting either.The number of choices you make in this game is quite high compared to other visual novels, however; I’ve noticed that as far as the storyline goes, the majority of these decisions are only giving you the ILLUSION of choice, and not actually changing anything — except — they often DO change your stats which ultimately does change the story.(You can also check your progress by looking at the album and viewing the endings you’ve unlocked.) Like most games in this genre, if you play through all of the routes, an additional final route will unlock which helps tie all the other routes together and bring closure to the game.Gameplay: 7/10 Like most visual novels, there is no combat or action to speak of, just lots of reading and at certain points making decisions which drive the story down one of many different endings.This page is a personal project of mine that doubles as a resource to all others who like games that are cute or otherwise enjoyable.

Developed with the help of Keiji Inafune, it features a fictionalized version of him and his niece.

Info pages for each of these will be made available in due time.

Under construction indefinitely, since I’m constantly discovering more games.

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Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side: 3rd Story is the third game in the series.

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