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The two companies will continue to be operated separately, however many synergies exist, allowing for better efficiency and improved services for its partners and members.“The companies will be operated under the principle of two companies, one team” says Tanya Fathers, CEO of both companies.

The management team at Dating Factory has a proven track record in the dating business and will apply its expertise to driving both platforms to even greater success.(PRWEB) April 13, 2012 This acquisition consolidates Caerus as a leading provider of white or private label dating sites in the international market.Caerus AG, the owner of Dating Factory has acquired Datech Ltd., better known for its private label platform World Dating Partners.Dating was established in 2009 and provides private label dating platform to more than 18 000 web businesses worldwide, Dating operates in 15 languages, 40 niches, and has a global data base of millions.When it comes to White-Label dating sites, my recommendation is to "avoid at all costs".

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