Using wii shop channel without updating Sex chat rooms with avatars

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Source:dop-mii - Project Hosting on Google Code Download: v12Wii Brew: Dop-Mii .. You can install IOS36 with fakesign a very good alternate to TBR...(you need IOS36fakesigned so you can install the c IOS also known as IOS249) 3. When the scan is done, you'll have a file on the root of your SD card. In the left top corner is the IOS you're viewing; you press left right on the remote to list through. In the right top corner it tells you which revision you have installed... In the middle you'll have info about the IOS if it's a can apply patches etc Out of Nintendo IOS only IOS36 and IOS60(IOS60patched) should have all three patches. If anyone follows Maui's guide or Ithians "Uninstall c IOSCORP" Guide they Will have IOS38, 53 and 55 with all 3 patches which won't hurt anything. Just so people don't think they need to reinstall them. Ya I know but u can't download IOS4-64-v259.wad, IOS9-64-v518.wad, and IOS40-64-v2835!! lol EDIT: I'm on SM 4.2U and went 2 the Shop Channel and I was hit with an option 2 update 2 SM 4.3 so I didn't (Thank GOD!! [ 4.0U ]-[ c IOS 38 r17 ]-[ Priiloader 0.3b (rev48)]-[ Boot Mii as boot2 ]-[ HBC 1.0.8 ]-[ Wii Flow 2.2 r414 ]-[ Triiforce MRC SS v10b ]-[ Savegame Manager GX r79 ] [UAE Wii/Snes9x GX/Wii64/SDL MAME Wii/DOSBox Wii/Gx Geo ] i dont know what error 1010 is ...Wii Brew Load DOP-Mii VIA Bannerbomb Method: 4.2 Users... Open it with notepad etc and you can view the installed IOSes and their revisions and also which IOS has what patches. ) so I want 2 know is can I just update the Wii Shop Channel w/o updating 2 SM 4.3 if so how??

While Nintendo DS/DSi and Wii users will no longer be able to access online features such as online play, matchmaking and leaderboards from the announced date, according to a Nintendo of Australia press release, the Wii Shop Channel and Nintendo DSi Shop will not be affected.

(*If you still want e Shop access, check out the /r/wiiuhacks wiki).

Here are the URLs to block if you can: Note: Router URL Blocking will block all things Nintendo.

This is why the chips must be soldered accurately and with precision to ensure that the chip can function properly by altering the Wii hardware’s normal processes.

Soldering the chip into the wrong locations can risk damaging the chip or the Wii Console.

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If your router has the option to block certain URLs from passing through, that's a way better way of keeping your Wii U safe and connected.

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  1. Nobody will judge you, as nobody can find out your real name. I've always wanted to talk to people anonymously and send decent pictures with it. This app will be yesterday's news much like other chat system before this i.e.: msn, aol and yahoo chat.