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Who is jenny dell dating

The couple have three children together, all three were selected in the MLB Draft. Farrell told the Boston Globe in the midst of the Moran rumors, “I can confirm that we’re in the process of getting a divorce.

As you can understand, this is a tough time for my family.” The questions about his marriage were apparently raised when the 2016 Red Sox media guide was given to reporters. When he was asked about Moran by the Globe, the manager replied, “My private life is private.” The manager recently battled stage 1 lymphoma and began chemo in August 2015.

She didn’t do much to discourage them, either, telling John Molori in 2005 “NESN has never put rules down to me about dating players, colleagues or anyone else.

If they did, I wouldn’t work there.” When Heidi Watney was with NESN, she faced rumors of relationships with Red Sox players Jason Varitek and Nick Green.

The network responded by removing Dell from the coveted, high visibility sideline position and reassigning her to the ‘NESN Sports Today’ desk.

Dell will join CBS’ NFL broadcast team as a sideline reporter, the network announced on Tuesday.

Dell, the popular in-game reporter the past two years, is dating Red Sox third baseman Will Middlebrooks.

The relationship wasn’t exactly a well-kept secret around the team for some time, but the official acknowledgment of it via a Middlebrooks tweet on New Year’s Eve brought fair questions about the ethics of a reporter dating a player.

She’s a pretty face that fans at home can count on to tell them about injuries, relay info about promotions and interview players after the game.

Which is to say, the “conflict of interest” flag isn’t as enormous here as it would be for some other media members.

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After dating for nearly a year, the couple outed themselves in a New Year Twitter message sent out to their combined 249,000 followers.