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The four-hour film caused huge controversy on its release last year.It wasn't just the numerous explicit scenes of a variety of sexual practices, nor the unflinching camera-work which left no doubt that real sex was happening on the screen. And shame, because the situation is the most idiotic – fuck sleeping client.

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Kisby returned to photograph the awards this year with a simple goal: to capture the event's joyous atmosphere.

With images of preening cam performers, starstruck fans, and more, we'd say he nailed it.

"You’re watching people do their thing, but you’re not participating," he says. They’re performing right in front of you, but they’re not really doing it for you."Other than the cam performers, Kisby says he just delights in the entire feeling of the expo. Nobody has any hang-ups about what they’re doing there," he says.

"It’s all about celebrating and having fun." Click through to view Kisby's photos of the AVN convention, as well as his captions.

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