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Along the way, Nye debunks pseudoscience and teaches the value of a skeptical, scientific mind-set.A Series of Unfortunate Events is a bizarre, subversive collection of children's books written by Daniel Handler (aka Lemony Snicket).Hulu, whose main value has been "next-day" episodes of blockbuster TV shows, is having a moment right now with its originals.

As always, feel free to note anything we’ve left out in the comments.The company has brought high-profile dramas like Aaron Paul's "The Path" into its catalog this year to balance out its selection of well-received comedies.And late last year, Hulu scored its first Golden Globe nomination for "Casual," an edgy family comedy.And no show has ever embodied that desideratum like Cheers, a sitcom as cozy as it was zany and as brilliant as it was puerile.You’re pretty much guaranteed to have more fun staying in with Sam Malone and his regulars than you are going out to an actual bar.

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The Netflix series is everything fans could have hoped for.