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Here’s why: kettlebell exercises demand the use of multiple joints, which engages all the larger muscles of the body.Compound kettlebell moves burn calories faster than isolation moves, which only work one muscle.

And of course, there are our own cravings and aches for comfort that keep us from the discomfort of fasting.

We just never actually get around to putting down the fork.

Part of it may be that we live in a society in which food is so ubiquitous that we eat not only when we don’t need to, but sometimes even when we don’t want to.

Chances are you are among the massive majority of Christians who rarely or never fast.

It’s not because we haven’t read our Bibles or sat under faithful preaching or heard about the power of fasting, or even that we don’t genuinely want to do it.

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David Mathis is executive editor for desiring and pastor at Cities Church in Minneapolis.