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But the system has failed because of a series of embarrassing software glitches.The problem has become so bad that garages have been asked by officials to revert as a ‘contingency’ to issuing old-style paper Mo T certificates to drivers – in case they are stopped by the police - and then to manually re-send the results to the DVSA .The electric motor fitted to many seats in modern cars will also be checked separately. The warning light, which warns that they have not been fully shut, will also be checked.

I am advised that any car owner will receive an NCT appointment within 28 days.

Motor cars, motorcycles and light goods vehicles manufactured or registered before 1960 are exempt from the mandatory MOT test.

Driver & Vehicle Agency (DVA) offers tests on a voluntary basis, but only at the request of the vehicle owner.

“If you’ve been happily ignoring a warning light because it’s not part of the MOT, these changes mean your car could now be on the MOT scrap heap or you’ll need to fork out on expensive repairs,” said Andy Smith, the AA’s patrolman of the year.

A typical modern car has 40 or more computers and a level of technical sophistication a world away from that seen in the early 1990s when the MOT test last underwent a major revision.

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However the testing interval will remain unchanged with the Government resisting EU proposals to delay the first inspection by 12 month to four years after the first registration.

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