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Dark cavern chat closed

This isn't happening." Ralof: "Hey, what village are you from, horse thief? " Ralof: "A Nord's last thoughts should be of home." Lokir: "Rorikstead. I'm from Rorikstead." Imperial: "General Tullius, sir! Divines, please help me." Ralof: "Look at him, General Tullius, the Military Governor. There is time for a thorough search of the area and all containers and to become familiar with Skyrim's controls and menus.

We were being taken to Helgen, but before I could be executed Alduin appeared and attacked the town. On a table outside the cage is a knapsack containing four lockpicks and some gold.Speaking to the dwarf here will prompt him to give you a report that he found on a dead elf underneath the rubble.The note was written by the elven archaeologist Iestin Edern, who reports that the entire city of Prifddinas has been reverted to a crystal and, with the Temple of Light up and running once again, he hopes to see the elven city restored to its former glory. These boys seemed a bit 'upset' at how I've been entertaining their comrades." Hadvar: "Don't you even know what's going on? The cage (and other prison doors) can be picked open with the Lockpicking skill. Walked right into that Imperial ambush, same as us, and that thief over there." Lokir: "Damn you Stormcloaks. If the torturer survives, the following dialogue will occur: Torturer: "You fellows happened along just in time. There is also more septims on the floor of the cage, and a Sparks spell tome.

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Head west across the corridor and enter the door at the end to emerge in a storeroom.